Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day, a view from below.

Thanksgiving is not usually one of my favorite times of the year, particularly because it consists of the family sitting down and hearing the elders lecture you on life lessons and potential husbands from distant relatives whom we should meet. But this year was different. Two new little Hmonkeys Liam and Dawson joined us for the first time, diverting the usual conversations to funny things the boys did earlier that week etc. This is just around the time when they just started to crawl so they made for really good targets. This is one thing I love about photographing kids/infants. They have no concern on how groomed they look before you snap, they don't cover their faces in sheer horror that a camera is pointed at them and they continue to do their baby thing yet still stare at the camera just when you need them to. I think another reason why I love shooting kids is that, when I was a baby I literally had a total of 2 baby pictures since my parents couldn't afford a camera when I was born :( Hopefully these guys will appreciate this when they're older :)

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