Monday, June 7, 2010

Zack and Stephanie

Greg and I had the pleasure to shoot Zack and Stephanie's wedding 2 weekends ago. Gorgeous day it was and particularly perfect for them since they are the most loving and affection couple I've met. Congratulations to you two! Wish you all the best and thank you for letting us shoot your wonderful day!  

Shoot with Bao and Panou

I had so much fun with this shoot back in May. It was quite the random shoot, from the outfits to the models. Thanks to Bao (my sister) and Panou for modelling for me! You girls are beautiful!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello June!

I'm not sure if you noticed but this Spring flew by drastically fast. A bit unfortunate since we surprisingly had a beautiful spring season. All the more reason to be shooting :) I feel as though I've been shooting a lot lately but I really haven't. If I do it's usually sporadic moments when I happen to have my camera handy! I was lucky enough to be able to visit London a few weeks ago. I hadn't been back for quite a while but while I was there David and I took his little neighbors Brian and Laura to the park and was lucky enough to get in a few shots. This little guy is completely adorable.