Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Cold Winter's Day

It is amazing what conditions photographers will go through to get a few good shots. Earlier this winter I decided to do a shoot with my younger sister Bao. Although the sun was there for the majority of the shoot, it was quite the deception as it was ridiculously freezing cold minus 10 (at the least!) I could only withstand  the cold for 30 mins so the shoot was rather short. Needless to say I was happy with some of the shots.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello Studio!

I've been shooting now for a little over 2 years but up until recently I had never had the chance to work in an actual studio. I can't say it was the most professional studio ever BUT it did the job and the Photographers equipment was just as well professional as any. Simona, a good friend of mine, happily obliged to be my model for the day. (If you follow my work, you've most likely seen her in my previous blogs). Another upside to having beautiful friends (as a photographer) is that you get to shoot them for free! This was more so a trial shoot, since Greg & I were just testing out the waters with the studio. But it was fun nonetheless, also a great learning opportunity. 

A Christmas full of boys!

It's odd, it seems as though this past Christmas happened months and months ago but in reality it was only 1 month and a half ago? Might just be me seeing as I have been quite scattered brain these past few months! Anywho if you're anything like my boyfriend (who LOVES Christmas and listens to Christmas music year round :P) it's never too late to look back at the Christmas festivities! I shot these photos below at my Grandparents house because well, their place is really the centre of all our family events and the glue holding us all together too :) Gosh I miss Christmas, only another 300 days to go!

Diem & Sai's Winter Engagment

As the winter came in and the snow was beginning to fall, Diem & Sai were celebrating their beautiful traditional Vietnamese Engagement ceremony. This is probably my 4th Vietnamese traditional engagement so far but this one I have to say was probably my favourite so far due relaxed nature of the ceremony and casual humour provided by the elders of both sides. You get a nice feeling inside when you see two families that embraces each other's welcome & blend beautifully. Congrats Diem & Sai!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith + Mr. Little Smith

This past autumn, I had the opportunity to do a shoot with the cutest little family, the Smiths. Their little boy Hayden was overly excited about being in the outdoors he couldn't contain himself. His adorable smile never left his face that day. I have to say I have seen my fair share of cute kids (and I've seen a lot) but Hayden definitely raises the bar for baby cuteness! Definitely will be a heartbreaker someday!