Friday, August 17, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Angel eyes - Baby Riley

What a beautiful little angel. Baby Riley must have been happiest baby I've ever shot before. A tough cookie she is too! It was a scorching high of 30+ that day but yet Riley managed to keep on smiling through the heat! Those eyes are simply irresistible! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Souda & Ken - Wedding

What a great kick off to the wedding season. It was mid May but the weather was screaming August. Despite the heat, we had a great day with Souda and Ken. What a fun bridal party these guys were. Thao & I had a great time capturing your beautiful day.

Martina and Dee

I've known Martina and Dee for a few years now through work and they themselves are avid camera lovers. So I was very honoured when they asked me to photograph their wedding. The day went fairly smoothly, the weather forecast called for a slight chance of rain but lucky for us we didn't get a drop of rain. The wedding took place in Hamilton at Carmen's and the rest of the photos were taken at the beautiful campus of McMaster University. Congrats to Martina & Dee and your beautiful little family!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Souda & Ken

My first official photo shoot of 2012 went a little like this... simply amazing. We had a great time and weather was cooperating (for the majority of the morning :P) But my clients were awesome and the location was perfect, chosen by the groom as well!

Sue & Duy's e-session

I don't know how but I'm always so blessed with gorgeous couples. If I never knew Sue I would think she was a Hong Kong celebrity! These two make it so easy to capture their relationship. The heart of Stratford was definitely a great choice!

Baby Logan Moua

Who can resist this little one!! Logan was such a good quiet baby during the entire shoot. I felt horrible for waking him up during his afternoon nap but he was a great little model! Future heartbreaker ladies... watch out! ;)