Wednesday, October 13, 2010

♥ Autumn, my favorite season of the year

I honestly do not know how with this gorgeous scenery that Autumn has given us, that people are not outside taking photos everyday. Maybe it's just here in Canada but we're so blessed to have such a beautiful Autumn. It's an incredibly nostalgic season with that brings great memories and feelings. With the stunning scenery upon us, my sister and I decided to do a quick shoot while the turkey was in the oven this past (Canadian) Thanksgiving. I should also mention I was extremely under the weather and was in no condition to shoot but she forced me but as soon as I saw the park I completely forgot about my cold. These photos do not do justice to that beautiful day!

♥ Brink of Fall

One of my best friends came down to visit me from Toronto a few weeks ago and we decided to put together a small shoot at a near by forest. It was a great 1.5hrs of trying to catch the Sun in the right spots, nonetheless we had a great time!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lynh & James

I'm not quite sure who I've been blogging without even posting up these photos from Lynh and James wedding I shot back in early June! I've been so busy this summer that my mind seems to be everywhere. Thanks to Lynh & James for letting me share this day with you! Wish you guys all the best!

♥ Pastabilities!!

If you are ever in Toronto near King St E and Church, be sure to stop by the best pasta take out place Pastabilities! I honestly have never had such amazing take out pasta, my favourite, the Smoked Salmon :) Check them out at located at 95 King Street East, Toronto. Here's a bit of work I did for them this past summer:

♥ 2010 Summer Recap

It's been such a busy summer for me that I've devoted such little time to this blog. But thankfully my absence hasn't gone undocumented, I've kept my camera handy all summer long even though it's now over. Early August I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding of a friend of mine. Maia and Chris tied the knot this past August 7th. Here are a few shots to recap the day. Congrats Maia & Chris!!!