Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celebrating the Anniversary 1800 ft in the air

I usually don't trust my boyfriend with my camera ever since the "incident" involving my 18-105 lens (*shakes head*) but I was looking through my photos and realized I really have none of me since I'm constantly standing behind the camera. So he took me on the CN tower for our Anniversary and I hesitantly handed him the camera. After many attempts to teach him the basics he finally took one that I surprisingly didn't mind. A bit more practice and I might consider using him as an assistant :)

Oreo cookie cheese cake... Mmmmmm

This Sunday Greg and I met up for a photography session, not so much taking pictures but really just teaching each other our styles of shooting etc and him giving me a crash lesson on the logistics behind cameras/lenses. Can't believe we've been friends for over 8 yrs and only recently found out that each other had a passion for photography! Odd yet fortunate :) Anyways Greg taught me a lot, I think we make a great team cause he has a great deal of technical knowledge behind photography and I come in with the artistic flare. I'm entirely excited for this collaboration. Here are a few test shots from our 4hr session at  Williams and a few I shot at work, just playing around with my 50mm 1.8

Tuesday, February 9, 2010